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IM ,which is located in Hyderabad, India. IM is a professional manufacture and sales company infield of GRP(Glassfiber) molded Gratings, GRP(Glassfiber) pultruded Gratings, GRP(Glassfiber) Profiles, FRP Molded Gratings, FRP Pultruded Gratings, FRP Handrails & Staircase,  FRP Cable Management Systems, FRP Rebars, FRP Doors & Frames, FRP Structural Profiles, Handmade products and so on, which are sold to top places allover world.

Company Culture

Companies adhering to the “attitude is everything” philosophy, harmonious and innovative business environment in order to attract the industry to join the many talents of the company from R&D to production testing, information and consulting to after-sales service, and can to provide customers with the perfect design solution. Strive to become the industry’s size and quality, pceand service advantages of the strong enterprises.

Why IM?

Innovate Materials is your engineering partner for gratings, handrails, cable  trays, ladders and structural product needs. Our professional engineering and drafting team can help you find the right solution that meets your needs for longevity, safety and cost.

The GRP Composite Materials having the following Benefits & Characteristics :

Light weight

-Extremely light weight compared to metals.

Corrosion Resistant

-Stands up to harsh environment.

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

-That Surpass equivalent steel products.

Electrically Non-Conductive

-Reduces risk shock hazards &weather related

Long Service Life

-Extremely long life compared to metals

Maintenance Free

-Does not require a periodic maintenance

Fire Resistant

-In accordance with ASTM-E84

UV Resistant

-Weather protective additive in resin

Environment Friendly

-Green product

Non-Magnetic/Radar or RF Transparent

-Transparent to radiowaves &electromagnetic

Low Thermal Conductivity

-Will not transfer heat or cold like metals

Elegant Look

-Aesthetic surface finish

Easy Erection.

-By use normal metal or wood working tools

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